Remembrance Day is a notable day in the British calendar, providing a chance to remember and pay tribute to those who have given their lives for the country in wars since 1914, but the ceremonies for 2022 were particularly significant for a few reasons.

The most obvious change is one that has consumed much of the last few months, the change in monarch, following the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II, who had been a staple at these ceremonies over the last 70 years. For most people this was all, if not most, of their lives, with the Queen providing a constant figure that was ever-present. Her passing marked a significant moment in British history, and indeed the history of the world.

HM King Charles stepped up to take the lead on the proceedings, leading other members of the Royal family towards the Cenotaph in London for the ceremony.

Another visual representation of this was the line-up of previous Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, from Major to Truss, who stood in order of office at the side of the ceremony. This striking visual demonstrated the amount of time HM Queen Elizabeth II was on the throne, as the long line-up of seven Prime Ministers didn’t even cover half the number of PM’s the Queen saw in her lifetime, starting with Winston Churchill in 1952 and ending with Liz Truss just two days before Her Majesty passed away.

This line-up of Prime Ministers, from both parties, shows the significance of our national day of remembrance, highlighting the people that fought for our freedom and the democracy we have today. So many people laid down their lives so that we could live peaceful ones, a sentiment that needs to be echoed louder than ever today, with the world seemingly on the brink of another large war, we need days like Remembrance Day to ensure that the loss and horrors of wars of the past stay in our memories, so that we do not enter into wars like that again.

For many this time of year brings a moment of silence for remembering family members as well, for which all our thoughts at Notaro Care Homes are with you.