A happy day is a day well spent. Whichever way you choose to spend your time, sharing in a social activity, participating in an event or activity, simply enjoying some time alone relaxing or enjoying time with friends and family, life in a Notaro home is designed with you in mind.

Resident gardening at La Fontana

If you have existing hobbies or interests, we shall encourage you to continue participating in them and help make necessary arrangements for you to keep doing what you love.

You will also be encouraged to join in the many interesting and stimulating events and activities that are organised around the home by your Activity Coordinator, and within the communities of which we are very much a part.

Residents are always consulted in planning activities which can include craftwork, baking, singalongs, board games, reminiscence sessions, gardening, keep fit using the popular ‘flexercise’ and visits from entertainers and local community groups. We enjoy trips out too. Each home has a well-equipped minibus for outings and appointments. Day trips are a regular occurrence in most of our homes, with shopping trips, visits to museums, churches and cathedrals, tea shops, the seaside and stately homes and national heritage all being popular choices.

Resident and relative playing table football in the American Diner at Casa di Lusso care home

Families and friends are always invited and always welcome to join activities within the home and trips out.

Relatives love to get involved with the daily activities and often suggest ideas that our activities team can organise. We see every Notaro home as a welcoming, warm and inclusive community where everyone is welcome and ideas and suggestions are listened too.

As we get older we can start to feel isolated and many feel our contribution to society and our community becomes marginalised. Notaro’s philosophy is that every individual remains an important part of society, we all have experiences and interesting life stories that are valuable and which go to make up the fabric of our society as it is today.

Activities coordinator and residents during a drawing activity at Casa di Lusso Care Home Bridgwater

We encourage sharing within our friendship groups within the home and with those friends in our community of which we remain very much connected.

We establish links with local schools, groups, churches. A popular project we are heavily involved with in several of our homes, is the Archie Project. The Archie Project is an exciting intergenerational dementia awareness project that links local primary schools, care homes/ sheltered housing schemes, businesses/ services and community members to ultimately dispel the fear and stigma often associated with dementia and create more dementia friendly communities.

Residents and loved ones with their pet dog outside Casa di Lusso Dementia Nursing Home Bridgwater Somerset

We also link and encourage visits from local animal sanctuaries, which always prove popular with residents.

Evidence shows that animals prove to be extremely therapeutic for residents and in our purpose-built homes you may well find our very own farms. ‘Benvenuto Fattoria’ translated to ‘Welcome Farm’ is home to many animals at our home Immacolata House in Langport and, ‘Piccolo Farm’ translates to ‘Small Farm’ at La Fontana Care Home in Martock.

You will find Goats, Degu’s, Lop Eared Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Indian Runner Ducks, Turkeys and Feather Legged Bantams along with our newest friends the Alpacas. At Piccolo Farm you will also find the strange and rather unusual: Snakes, Giant Snails, Sand Fish and Lizards are just a few of the more unusual creatures we have, and who prove enormously popular with residents and visitors alike. Our latest home, Casa di Lusso in Bridgwater also has a small petting farm, which has yet to be named.

Residents cuddling the rabbit with activities coordinator at the mini farm in Casa di Lusso Care home Bridgwater Somerset

We design our homes, our activities and our facilities to be places where families can reconnect.

Our farms offer the perfect opportunity to cause natural interaction between our younger people and our older generation; it is a place everyone wants to come and a place where relationships grow.