Apprenticeships with Notaro Care Homes

 A Notaro apprenticeship is a combination of class room and vocational learning with the vast majority of the apprenticeship served in the care home, with time spent learning on the job.

Young people often bring new energy into the workplace and they help bridge the generational gap.

Residents benefit from their new and fresh view of the world as they bring a wealth of ideas and skills which they can share with residents. Never truer than in the case of the digital world where residents can often feel excluded and lack confidence in embracing new technologies. We believe that bringing diversity both in terms of age and cultures enriches the lives of those living and working with us. 

We look for young people who possess a steely determination to succeed. They provide us with the perfect building blocks to develop our team as we coach and develop their skills and, in return, they gain a qualification and work based skills leading to a progressive career.

Notaro Care Homes have run a successful apprenticeship programme for several years with many of our young apprentices now senior members of our staffing team, demonstrating the career opportunities available once training is completed. With 12 care homes across our group, we offer a range of apprenticeships every year and we look forward to welcoming new recruits.  

What is an apprentice?

Apprentices are paid employees, who work alongside our experienced staff team to gain job-specific skills, whilst working towards a qualification specific to the sector. Learning and building knowledge whilst gaining experience along the way is a sure way to a successful career with Notaro.

Why do we employ apprentices?

At Notaro Care Homes we like to develop home grown talent. We are committed to enhancing our workforce with apprenticeships, creating opportunities for younger people and adults to gain qualifications within the workplace.

We see apprenticeships as an opportunity to enhance our existing staff team while evolving a strong sustainable workforce.

If you would like to discuss apprenticeship opportunities, please contact our Recruitment Team via email or call our head office 01934 422822