Coming to terms with the end of life brings emotional challenges for both the person approaching end of life and for loved ones.

Our Care Homes That Can Help

Notaro’s palliative care teams are experienced in assessing the needs of both the person throughout the stages, to end of life and for those close to them, ensuring that all aspects of care respects personal wishes and dignity.

We can provide relief from the symptoms of the condition, and we support the management of the pain and the stress of a serious illness. Our compassionate approach to palliative care affirms life and supports both the patient and the family in coming to terms with the end of life. Whilst we all recognise death as a normal process it is our fundamental aim, and duty, to ensure that the person at the end of life has the best quality of life and care and that loved ones are supported through the journey.


Aspen Court Gardens

Several of our care homes deliver palliative care and those homes are accredited with the Gold Standards Framework (GSF).

The GSF exists to provide training to those delivering palliative care in various settings (at home or in care homes, for example). It is a systematic common-sense approach to formalising best practice so that quality care and end-of-life care become the standard for everyone approaching the end of life. It embodies an approach that centres on people and their families’ needs and encourages inter-professional teams to work together.

Our care homes which currently hold the prestigious Gold Standards Framework (GSF) award are; Cedar Lodge, Immacolata House and La Fontana.

To find out more about the Gold Standards Framework, please click here.