Making your place your home

What makes a place a home? ‘Home’ means different things to different people, it may be personal possessions, it may be a familiar smell, or surroundings. Each, and every, one of us will identify different things with the emotional attachment to the place we call home.

Moving home often means a period of adjustment, this is true at any time of life, not just as we get older.

At Notaro we understand that moving to a care home can be stressful for both our new guests and their family so we ensure we find out exactly what makes a place a home for you, and we incorporate these important aspects in to your life with us.

Prior to you moving in we can meet to discuss how we can make your move as stress free as possible.

We will encourage you to bring those little things that matter to you, your important possessions, those Items that are precious to you and that will help make your surroundings feel more familiar and feel more like home.

These maybe small items of furniture or books or photographs, whatever they are they can come with you to your new home.

Your private room is your personal private space so if you have a favourite artwork or painting on your wall in your own home, then bring it with you and we will make sure it is placed safely in your new room for you.

Personal Space

Resident’s personal rooms at Notaro care homes are all designed and created to be private, warm, comfortable, relaxing spaces for you to enjoy, with plenty of storage space, wardrobes, side draws, desks, wall mirrors and lighting. We are confident we have considered everything that will make you comfortable and feel at home but if there is something you need, you only have to ask, and we will see what can be done.

Nursing/Dementia Rooms

Many of our general nursing/dementia rooms have under floor heating, and reassuring sensory lightening which comes on gradually so as not to alarm you if you stir from a gentle slumber in the middle of the night. They also have electric profiling beds for comfort and every room has its own private ensuite room with shower.

Help is always on hand

All bedrooms have assisted technology allowing you to summon help or assistance if needed. All our rooms have a television and many now have access to Wi-Fi and phone points, if your room does not then we can discuss installing them for you no problem.

Why not visit one of our homes and have a look at one of our rooms? Enjoy a coffee and a cake whilst you are here and our home manager will show you round our home.