The role of a full-time carer is an important one, but it can be extraordinarily demanding.

Respite care provides a carer with an ideal opportunity to take a well-earned break or holiday, but it is also there to support people who may have just come out of hospital, perhaps they have had an illness or an operation, and need a little support until they feel well enough to go home.

Our Care Homes That Can Help

Notaro’s Respite Care offers you the peace of mind that your loved one is being well cared for with people you can trust, with support to aid a speedy recovery or simply just to enjoy the activities and our friendly community whilst you take a break.

 Respite care also offers people the perfect opportunity to gain a sense of what life in a care home is really like. For many, moving in to a care home raises worries and concerns: am I ready, will I lose my independence, and what if I don’t like it? Without doubt, moving to a care home is a big, and life changing decision, but it is a very positive one too. 

Activities coordinator and resident washing up at Casa di Lusso Care home Bridgwater

Respite Care at Notaro Care Homes

After a stay in a Notaro Care Home you may find that life is very different to what you may have expected and you will feel informed enough to be able to make your own decision about whether moving in a care home is for you.

If you would like more information about Respite Care then please do speak with the manager at the home that you are interested in. We will arrange a time to come and visit you at home to do an assessment prior to a stay with us, so that the care you receive during your stay is perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Our homes are places to make new friends, to continue to lead an independent life, and they provide the perfect opportunity to continue with existing hobbies and, to try a lot of new things too.

In some cases, the cost of Respite Care is covered through your local social services; we can help you establish if your stay qualifies for funding, we also welcome private clients who are self-funding.

You are welcome to come and have a look around the home at any point so please do give us a call.

Please note that Respite care is only available if the home of your choice has a vacancy.