Residents and loved ones enjoying the buffet

Latest news from Clarence Park

Clarence Park share their latest news… National Care Home Open Day Clarence Park celebrate this year’s National Care Home Open…

Casa di Lusso's diner dressed for St George's Day tea party

Latest activities from Casa di Lusso

Casa di Lusso share their latest activities… St George’s Day Residents’ latest activities saw them celebrating St George’s Day. A…

Immacolata House’s home made Easter Cakes

Easter weekend at Notaro

Our Care Homes prepare for the Easter weekend… Clarence Park Clarence park residents make cakes for the Easter weekend. They…

King Ina School pupils colouring in St Patrick's Day pictures with the residents

News update from Immacolata House

Immacolata House share recent news update… Matthew ‘Rocks’! Matthew Rock is a vocalist keyboard player, with over 20 years experience….

Aspen Court resident meeting Lofty the miniature horse from Lofty Therapy Horses

Lofty Therapy Horses spread joy

Lofty Therapy Horses spread joy in Aspen Court Lofty Therapy Horses are a team of 3 American Miniature Horses; named…