Dementia Care across Somerset

Notaro Care Homes has been providing dementia care across Somerset for over 30 years. We have many care homes within Somerset that specialise in care and nursing those living with dementia. The effects of dementia are far-reaching for both the person living with the condition and for friends and family. It has a huge emotional impact and requires a period of adjustment as people come to terms with what life will be like in the future. Here at Notaro Care Homes, we provide both emotional and physical care and support to those living with the condition and to friends and family. We proudly operate many dementia homes, four of which are dementia nursing homes, and two residential dementia homes across Somerset. Our homes are located in Taunton, Weston-super-Mare, Bridgwater, Langport and Martock.

Our Care Homes That Can Help

Dementia is a group of conditions and illnesses that affect the normal function of the brain.

It is a progressive illness which causes the destruction of brain cells and can lead to memory loss, confusion, problems with speech, personality and behavioural issues. There are many different types of Dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is the most common, with Vascular Dementia being the 2nd most common form.

For those with the condition, there are fears and anxieties associated with how everyday life will be affected. There is fear of losing control over day-to-day decisions, how relationships may be affected and often there is a sense of guilt associated with becoming a burden to loved ones and friends and the world becomes a frightening and solitary place.

For the family, it is hard to witness the steady decline in a person you know and love as the condition develops. Understanding what help and support are available and what the broader implications of supporting someone living with the condition become of paramount importance.

However, it is possible, and it is essential, to focus on living well with dementia and here at Notaro Care Homes, we support the view of ‘what can we still do,’ not ‘what can we no longer do’.

Across our dementia nursing homes in Somerset, those living with dementia we focus on building their confidence, revisiting memories through a range of reminiscence activities and we engage family and friends in activities enabling people to reconnect.

Our dementia support and expertise reach out to a resident’s family too, as we support loved ones who often find themselves in a challenging and lonely place. We offer a listening ear and a sympathetic shoulder, and we work together to ensure that families remain involved and that life is the best it can be for those with the condition.

We specialise in residential and specialised nursing care for people living with dementia, and our homes are equipped to support residents physical and emotional needs. The homes are designed and operated to provide safe, calm environments in which our residents feel at home. Carefully chosen signage, pictures, decor and objects are carefully selected and placed around the home to provide the triggers necessary to help those living with dementia make sense of the environment in which they are living.

At Notaro Care Homes, we support the view of ‘what can we still do,’ not ‘what can we no longer do’.

Further Advice on Dementia

If you need further information or help we hope you find the following links useful. Alzheimer’s Societyis the UK’s leading care and research charity for people with dementia and those who care for them.