We all see the world differently, it’s one of the many wonderful things that make us uniquely individual and interesting. Our view of the world can be influenced by environmental factors, educational or social opportunities, culture, religion, gender and of course our age, and, our perceptions will change and develop as we grow, or as we become exposed to different cultures or experiences.

Our Care Homes That Can Help

The Lodge Learning Disabilities, Somerset

We all get to make choices about how we use life’s little lessons and experiences to shape our lives going forward, but we all know that in life some decisions and choices are more difficult to make than others.

At The Lodge in Langport we support people living with learning disabilities in relating to the world around them and we help support them in making choices of their own, adapting the way we work to each person’s individual needs, nurturing and realising their potential in a safe, caring and calm environment.

Maintaining independence and choice

We encourage people to make informed choices about their daily lives throughout their stay with us. Working alongside each resident and their family and friends, we create a personally tailored care package that is continuously reviewed and updated.


Highly trained staff, always ready to listen

Our highly trained team works with specialists including speech and language therapists, counsellors, sensory intervention officers, doctors, psychologists and residents’ own social workers, to ensure each person receives the highest standard of care and is fully supported in realising their potential.


Building self-esteem, celebrating every step

Helping people to learn and develop at their own pace, and have fun, is just as important as other aspects of care they receive, so we offer a range of activities and outings to build self-esteem and celebrate success.

Sensory and art projects, independent living skills, numeracy and English activities, involvement in the local community and adventure days out are all important activities which help build confidence and raise self-esteem.

Notaro Care Homes Support Worker cooking with service user

We encourage hobbies and interests, and we encourage residents to get involved in day-to-day tasks around the home because we recognise that when we feel we are contributing we feel valued; which helps build confidence.

We acknowledge and reward every step, big or small, because we understand that to our residents and their families, they are often milestones.

We know how important family is to a person’s wellbeing and progress and therefore encourage family to play an active role in anyone staying with us. At Notaro we believe there are no barriers to learning and there are no barriers to living life to the full. We support the way in which every individual experiences the world around them to make life the best it can be.

Notaro Care Assistant with service user looking at the daffodils in the garden

Caring attention to help residents realise their potential

We’re committed to finding the right formula to enable individuals to reach their potential. The pace will be different for everyone, because everyone’s view of the world is different; so is everyone’s approach to learning. It takes time and we support with care and attention, with encouragement and with patience and is why our motto is, ‘Rome was not built in a day’!

Why don’t you come and say hello, join us for a coffee and learn more about our view of the world.