Mental health problems effect more young people today than ever before. Good mental health enables all of us to develop a good sense of personal wellbeing, confidence, self-esteem and importantly resilience; an important factor in dealing with everyday life today.

Our Care Homes That Can Help

Young adult talking with counselor

We deliver high quality, specialised services for young people who do not need nursing care but require a high degree of individualised guidance and supervision to support their good mental health.

This guidance and supervision is designed to support individuals in achieving greater independence, enabling them to live life to the best it can be.

Our care supports young people in feeling hopeful and optimistic about themselves and their future, to develop their talents, and to equip them with the skills to deal with situations and emotions when life doesn’t go quite as they’d hoped.

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Our residential home offers:

• Consistency in care and in the assessment for placement, to ensure that familiar routines and procedures are continued.

• Guidelines to create safe and inspiring environments specifically designed for our residents

• A method of support and to be the conduit for healthy partnerships for residents, carers, families and friends, providers and professionals

• The promotion of positive images of living with mental health in adult life

The home and service is led by our residents.

“Service users are each to have the opportunity to choose how they wish to live their individual life and are supported to do this by people they choose, within a safe and secure comfortable living environment. The environment will be non-restrictive so as, to allow the service user to grow and develop to their full potential.”

Matthew Parrish – Registered Manager

The staff team at The Limes aim to support adults with mental health needs encouraging them to continue their ordinary, daily routines and activities, so they are not restricted, or forced prematurely into dependency.

Fundamental to the Philosophy of our home, are the following core values of care/support:

• Maximising personal control: believing the person has the right to opportunities to use whatever abilities they retain.

• Enabling choice: actively encouraging communication and expression of individuality.

• Respecting dignity: recognising that self-worth and self-esteem are part of overall health and well-being.

• Preserving continuity: remembering that the person has a past, present and future.

• Promoting equality: creating opportunities that are non-ageist and non-discriminatory.

N Notaro Homes Ltd staff members

Our team offers a consistent and coherent response to an individuals’ needs and getting to know our residents as early as possible develops trust and allows our staff to support residents with individualised care.

The team work in a recovery focused manner, which promotes and supports individuals in achieving and maintaining their maximum potential.

Past life experiences, relationships, cultural identity and environment exert a strong influence on all of us. It is our aim to develop, together with our residents, their family and carer, a plan of care that respects their individuality and maintains their social and emotional well-being.