As springtime arrives and we welcome the return of longer days and greener vistas, at Notaro Care Homes we try to make the changing of the seasons as exciting as possible for all residents! 

Our motto is simple – a happy day is a day well spent. For the residents, this can mean anything from participating in day-to-day events to enjoying some alone time relaxing and unwinding – and as spring arrives, we are very fortunate to be able to offer a number of different activities to enjoy this time together. 

For a number of residents, the longer brighter days can mean more trips out, with each home having its own well-equipped minibus for adventures! From a visit to the seaside to museums and cathedrals to name just a few, we welcome relatives to join us for a number of trips, and always take on board any suggestions for future activities. Being based in such beautiful areas of the UK, Notaro Care Homes will always go that extra mile to ensure day trips are as memorable as they can be for all residents and their loved ones. 

Spring also brings one very special turn of events to Notaro Care Homes… even more time to spend with the beautiful animals at our animal barns, and on occasion, a number of newborn animals to welcome! 

A wonderful space for both younger visitors to enjoy meeting some incredible creatures and residents to unwind with a number of four-legged friends around them, our animal barns are purpose-built for residents to enjoy spending their days with some unusual creatures, tending to the animals and playing key roles in ensuring they are fed and well cared for. 

A spring garden is a happy garden, and at Notaro Care Homes we encourage residents to enjoy some tranquil time outside – from gardening to exercise or simply catching up with friends, you can experience the outside world of Notaro truly come to life as the days brighten up. 

Spring mealtimes are a great time for many residents to catch up, and we encourage mealtimes to be social events. Although smaller appetites and low food intake in older people is not uncommon, we don’t let this stop the residents from enjoying only the freshest and most nutritious food from our chefs, with menus to suit the appetite and requirements of each and every resident (alongside some delicious spring treats and goodies throughout the day!). 

Chef at Notaro Care Homes

We can’t wait to catch up and share all that we’ve been up to as the season’s progress – but if you have any questions in the meantime, be sure to call us on 01934 422 822 – we look forward to hearing from you. 

Spring has sprung at Notaro Care Homes
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Spring has sprung at Notaro Care Homes
Spring has sprung at Notaro Care Homes
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