Many of us can relate to having a pet cat or dog for most of our lives but how many of us get to share our lives with the likes of Goats, Degu’s, Guinea Pigs, Indian Runner Ducks, Feather Legged Bantams, Alpacas, Lizards, Snakes and Giant Snails?


You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who’s heart isn’t immediately melted by a cute baby Lop Eared Rabbit or the cheekiness of a Kid goat

These are just a few of the wonderful animals and creatures we are lucky enough to have sharing our lives at some of our purpose built Notaro homes, where we have built our very own farms.

We have farms at Casa di Lusso in Bridgwater, Immacolata House in Langport and La Fontana in Martock which are a star attraction for our visitors too, especially the younger ones.

Often a hive of activity and, also a relaxing place to retreat

You will often find residents tending to the animals at feed times as they like to be involved in caring for them by helping to ensure they are fed and well cared for.

It is important for our older citizens to feel they still have a place and a purpose within society and our farms provide a safe place for residents to feel they are contributing.

We design our homes, our activities and our facilities to be places where families can reconnect. Our farms offer the perfect opportunity to cause natural interaction between our younger people and our older generation; it is a place everyone wants to come and a place where relationships grow.