Five of our care homes offer 24-hour general nursing care and dementia nursing care in beautiful homes across Somerset. We have been providing nursing care for over 30 years, and along the way have designed and constructed purpose-built homes, allowing for the environment and surroundings to complement the exceptional nursing care provided within the home. Residents living with us often live with a range of nursing conditions, some more complex than others. Many are living with medical, physical or clinical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and hypothyroidism, dementia or parkinson’s disease. Some of these conditions will require round-the-clock nursing care and some conditions may be life-limiting.

Our Care Homes That Can Help

Across our nursing homes in Somerset, and in each, and every, case, our nursing team and carers support residents to live well with their condition and we provide the care and support to ensure they remain as active and independent as possible. Our Resident’s Forum provides the perfect platform, and often a welcome distraction, allowing people to feel in control, involved and valued.

General Nursing Care at Notaro Care Homes

Maintaining your independence and choice

Life in our nursing homes is quite the opposite to what many people often expect. Moving from your own home to a nursing home shouldn’t mean losing your independence or control over your life. Each resident’s dignity and self-esteem is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we place everyone’s choices, needs and interests at the centre of their care.


Planning your care with you

We encourage each resident and their family/friends to be involved in planning their care. We discuss what is important with the individual to establish their aims. Whether those aims are to help manage a condition to maintain good health, to improve happiness and comfort, or to support end of life care – residents and families have a say, every step of the way.

Care needs may change during your stay with us so we continuously monitor and adapt a person’s care to reflect changes in circumstances or wishes. We invest in the latest technology allowing each member of our nursing team instant access to the latest information relating to an individual’s care through our detailed care-planning systems.


Highly skilled, Registered Nurses – always ready to listen

As you would expect, our homes have highly skilled and knowledgeable Registered Nurses in attendance day and night. Our training and development team ensures they participate in regular training and professional development programmes, which guarantees the quality of our care is second to none.

Every member of our nursing team has a good understanding of the role of the Care Quality Commission and the need to meet the Fundamental standards are met.

As we know, nursing isn’t just about clinical and medical care, it’s about supporting the person emotionally and mentally too. Our nurses are good communicators and listeners too, working alongside other professionals and specialists, families and friends to support every resident to live life well.

Active minds and bodies

Helping people to maintain a sense of purpose and wellbeing is just as important as medical care, so we encourage people to continue to enjoy hobbies and interests, and to get involved in the day-to-day tasks of the home like gardening or laying the table.

 We offer a range of activities and outings to encourage active bodies and minds, and plan our programmes alongside residents and their families through residents’ forums. There is always something interesting going on and everyone is invited to take part. Whatever you like to do we will support you in doing it.

Visitors are always welcome: call us to arrange a visit so you can see for yourself how we care, when it matters most.