Aspen Court Nursing & Dementia Nursing Home in Taunton is a modern, spacious specialist dementia nursing home, located in the peaceful northern outskirts of Taunton. A purpose-built care home in Taunton, providing excellent care and 24-hour nursing support, it is a popular choice for those looking for nursing dementia care and/or general nursing. 

You’ll experience a warm yet relaxed welcome when you arrive, we are proud of the peaceful atmosphere we have created here and it is quite often commented upon when people visit us.

We have spacious lounges and walkways which gives the home a light and airy feel and is easy for people living with dementia to navigate. Our conservatory with charming garden views is a special feature of the home and a place where we come to relax and often watch the wildlife.

It’s the little things in life that matter most, little touches around Aspen Court dementia care home Taunton make it, quite simply, a wonderful place to live. Fresh cut flowers offer up their scent as you wander around the home, the gentle chitter chatter of residents enjoying an activity or making new friends, and the smart and homely interiors make it a lovely place to live. 

Secure landscaped gardens surround the home, providing safe wandering pathways and areas where visitors and guests can sit and enjoy the surroundings. Mature trees provide welcome canopies to the summer sun and you will often find residents at our raised beds growing and harvesting seasonal vegetables.

Aspen Court Care Home Taunton, like many Notaro care homes, aims to offer something a little bit different. Something that residents and visitors can enjoy together, and something that really captures the imagination of our younger visitors, making it a place people want to come back to visit time and time again. So, we share our gardens with some unusual residents: a Rabbit and some Guinea-Pigs, an adopted Donkey courtesy of a Donkey sanctuary, and a cheeky little Penguin from Bristol Zoo. We really do like to do things differently at Notaro.

Our homes may well be care homes, but first and foremost they are our residents’ homes. Each room and every space has been created to be a comfortable place to relax and enjoy for people living with dementia and nursing needs.   

When coming to your new home we encourage you to bring the little things that matter to you; the things that make a place a home.

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