As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, April brings a renewed sense of energy and excitement to Notaro Care Homes. This month, we have embraced the spirit of spring with a variety of engaging activities, special events, and heartwarming moments that have enriched the lives of the residents in our homes. Join us as we look back on the highlights of April and celebrate the wonderful experiences shared by our community.

Easter Extravaganza

April kicked off with our annual Easter celebrations, which were a huge hit among residents and staff alike. The festivities included Easter egg hunts, Easter bonnet making, Easter craft activities and of course, lots of chocolate Easter eggs!

Aspen Court Care Home were delighted to welcome back Ms. Regency International, Sarah, to spread Easter joy! Bringing smiles and sweetness, she delivered Easter eggs to the residents. 🥚We’re immensely grateful for her generosity and thoughtfulness.

Spring Gardening

With the arrival of spring, residents across our homes have been actively involved in planting flowers, vegetables, and herbs in the gardens. This hands-on activity not only brings joy but also promotes physical and mental well-being. Watching the plants grow and flourish has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Casa di Lusso residents enjoyed a trip out to the local garden centre. They had the opportunity to handpick their favourite flowers and vegetable seeds, bringing a touch of nature back to Casa to be planted in their greenhouse.

Celebrating Milestones

April was also a month of milestones and celebrations. We honoured lots of staff work anniversaries including June from Stuart House who celebrated an incredible 25 years working for Notaro Care Homes. Thank you for your commitment and hard work, June!

Looking Ahead

As we bid farewell to April, we eagerly anticipate the adventures that the coming months will bring. We are hoping for some fine weather so that residents can get out and about on day trips in the minivans. The team at Notaro Care Homes remains committed to providing a nurturing and vibrant environment where residents can thrive and create cherished memories.