If you’re a recruitment consultant/company reading this, then we would like to be transparent and honest to avoid wasting your precious time, you should know that we currently recruit over 85% of our roles without having to use a recruitment agency.

The majority of our candidates are recruited locally to the home or agency that has roles to fill. Being in the business for as long as we have, we have a positive reputation for being a large employer in the area, in addition our website attracts a large proportion of visitors seeking employment within the sector. Therefore the use of an agency will only be used as a last resort. Over the years we have turned to the recruitment sector a few times and in doing so have built successful relations with a few.

As I am sure you can appreciate we receive lots of calls from recruitment agencies and we simply do not have sufficient time to talk to you all, therefore we would appreciate if you would like to leave your details, to email them to our Recruitment Manager, Stephanie Fry. Please remember to include your terms of business and rates. You can email Stephanie your details – Stephanie@notarohomes.co.uk

Many thanks