As summer is now here, many of us may be thinking about a change in career – whether it’s a new location, a summer gig between studies, or forging a whole new path entirely. To those wondering, we say this… How does a role where no two days are the same, you get the chance to support individuals and their families, and also benefit from days out across the South West sound?

Working in a care home doesn’t just limit you to working in a care role. There are plenty of auxiliary roles on offer, so whether you’re looking to assist with event coordination, daily maintenance of our care facilities or work in our top-class kitchen, we’ve got something for everyone. We welcome applications from anybody looking for a change of pace, offering space for growth and progression into the year.

Chef at Notaro Care Homes

The best bit? We welcome a change in roles internally. Let’s say you’re working in our garden, maintaining our space, but you decide you want to become a carer, you can make the change easily! We’ll help you work toward your care certificate and other training courses necessary throughout your change in role, working you towards becoming a care worker seamlessly!

There really is no qualification you need to join us at Notaro Care Homes. We look for personal qualities more than anything academic, so as long as you’re a kind and empathetic person, we’d love you to contribute to the welcoming environment of our homes across the southwest.

There isn’t a much better time to join us than in the summer, as we try to make the season as fantastic for the team as it is for the residents. From day trips, holidays, afternoon tea in the garden, we try to encourage as much time outside as possible. Days spent stuck inside the office isn’t the way to enjoy what we do, especially when the summer comes. Carers and other team members will be given the chance to join many trips across the year – how many of us can say our day at work included a trip to the seaside?

At Notaro Care Homes, we truly, genuinely believe you reap what you sow – which is why we will always invest in our team to grow, train, and develop while working with us. Every bit of training will be covered by us, which then further presents you with plenty of career progression opportunities in the future.

Our homes are purpose-built to ensure you can effectively carry out your responsibilities, and we’ll always make sure our team feel listened to and understood, as firm believers that the team know best how to make work practices safe and effective. If any of our roles interest you, please do get in touch! We’d love to hear from each and everyone interested in joining Notaro.

No matter what role you join Notaro Care Homes in, we’re eager to welcome you to our home and family, find out more about what roles we’re hiring for here: