We understand that now more than ever you want to celebrate Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, March 22; with Coronavirus dominating the news, we understand that now more than ever you want to celebrate your mum. And for those fortunate enough to have their grandparents, it can be a day to get generations together.

But as the virus continues to spread and the UK enters into stricter measures, we have asked that all visitors, including family and friends, should now not visit our care homes.

Mums and Dads have tried to protect us from everything since the day we were born, and now we have to protect them. Many would rather be cautious – especially those considered most at risk are those over 70, with underlying health conditions.

So marking Mother’s Day this year, millions of people are showing their love by not taking Mum out, not kissing her & not visiting care homes.
This year that means so much more than all the cards, flowers and chocolates could ever do.

It is now a time to get creative – Our staff are getting to grips with organising increased numbers of phone calls, FaceTime, Skype and chats from either side of the windows to keep Covid-19 out.

Closing doors and windows doesn’t mean the love can’t get in!

So if you have any other ideas to celebrate please do not hesitate to contact the home, our colleagues will be more than happy to support your ideas in line with our safety measures.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Happy Mother’s Day