Residents at La Fontana Nursing Home in Martock can take a stroll down memory lane

An authentic street with a hardware store, mini market, chocolate shop and antique shop. The window displays are full of original and recognisable items of days gone by, including classic tins of oxo cubes, Kelloggs corn flakes, Royal memorabilia and vintage Cadbury’s chocolates.

The parade of shop fronts are built to create a place that feels familiar to the residents living with dementia. They are an excellent way for residents to connect with their past memories and encourage conversation.

Above all, The Alzheimer’s Society lists reminiscence therapy as a treatment for dementia; therefore, activities such as La Fontana‘s memory lane can have prominent benefits for their residents. Benefits include relieving feelings of anxiety, confusion and stress.

La Fontana manager, Florin, said,

“We wanted to create a safe and social environment for our residents to spend time with each other, their loved ones and carers, talking about their memories. Consequently, the shops are fantastic talking points and can create a distraction from moments of confusion or frustration.”

Memory Lane shop fronts at La Fontana Nursing Home, MartockMemory Lane shop fronts at La Fontana Nursing Home, Martock