The skies may be grey outside, but inside La Fontana care home, Martock, the sun is always shining.

Sun seeking residents can head off to their own private beach in the care home’s scenic sun therapy room. The beautifully designed room features a seaside panorama, nautical armchairs, colourful beach huts and a delicious ice cream cart. The large glass doors open onto the safe outdoor area that also follows the same theme with sand coloured flooring and a boat in ‘water’ with fishing equipment.
Most significant, however, is that the room features an innovative sunlight stimulation lamp. The lamp works by simulating sunshine and tropical temperatures without the harmful UV rays. Residents and their visitors can spend some time enjoying simulated natural sunlight even during the darkest days of winter.
As well as provoking fond memories, the sun therapy room can increase residents’ energy levels and sense of well-being. It can also prove beneficial for those who have joint pains, stiffness, rheumatism and muscle aches as well as combating Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Activities assistant said:

‘We can’t always go out with some of the residents, so to be able to have their very own beach inside the home, is wonderful!’
‘The sunroom gets the residents interacting and smiling; it’s always lovely to hear their memories of holidays and experiences abroad. And a brilliant way to relax, especially during these dark and cold months.”

La Fontana care home, Martock, boat outside the sun roomLa Fontana care home, Martock, Sun therapy RoomResidents at La Fontana Care Home, basking in the sunshine on their own beach sun room Residents at La Fontana Beach Sun Room