Clarence Park share their latest news…

Busy First Week of May

Clarence Park residents had a busy first week of May, enjoying the following activities;

  • Enjoying the sunshine over in Clarence Park
  • Armchair exercises
  • Family board games
  • Therapy dog, Pippa, came to visit
  • Afternoon sing along with Ron
  • General knowledge quiz

Resident meeting Pet Therapy dog, Pippa Residents enjoying music from Ron Resident enjoying the sunshine in Clarence Park Residents doing their armchair exercises Resident and loved one enjoying a game of Connect 4

April sunshine activities

The residents at Clarence park have enjoyed the fine weather; having cake and drinks in the garden. Then a trip to the local garden centre, buying new plants to plant.

Music for health also visited; everyone enjoying the sing along and musical quiz.

Clarence Park resident enjoying the sunshine in the garden with a loved one Clarence Park resident during Music For Health workshop Clarence Park resident choosing plants in the garden centre Clarence Park resident during Music For Health workshopPauline, Activities coordinator, making music with drumsticks with a resident

National Care Home Open Day

Clarence Park celebrate this year’s National Care Home Open Day with a fantastic buffet for lunch, with some residents enjoying a glass of sherry to also toast the Queen on her birthday.
The afternoon then followed by bingo and a quiz about the queen.

Residents and loved ones enjoying the buffet Residents and loved ones during the bingo game Residents and loved ones during the bingo game Residents and loved ones during the bingo game The cakes and buffet laid out

Christmas Day

Residents enjoy Christmas day with loves ones and of course lots of food, love and laughter.

Resident in her room with loved ones, receiving Christmas present Resident in her room receiving Christmas present Residents at the table wearing Christmas hats Resident pulling a cracker with staff member Resident pulling a cracker with Pauline, Activities Coordinator Resident's grandchildren sat at the table enjoying Christmas Day Lunch Residents enjoying Christmas Day Lunch Resident and loved one enjoying Christmas Day Lunch

Christmas Musical Entertainment

Residents weekly exercise took a festive theme! While they were able to use fine motor skills and gross motor skills, there was encouragement and support involving hand and eye co-ordination…

Resident receiving a poinsettia plant Resident and staff waving tinsel pompoms and maraca Residents using their musical instruments, whilst staff member dances waving a maraca & tinsel pompom Resident and staff member with tambourines Residents with tinsel pom poms Residents and loved ones with musical intruments Residents and loved ones choosing musical intruments Clarence Park's Homemade Christmas Cake Resident with staff member wearing Christmas Jumper and Tshirt

Schools’ Choir Service come to Clarence

Corpus Christi year 3 Carole singing service. The residents enjoyed the company of the younger children and there was a good community spirit with corpus Christi presenting them with a Christmas card they had hand made for our residents…

Christmas carol service from Bournville Primary School. The children and residents enjoyed singing traditional and new Christmas songs. The pupils also visited residents that were in their rooms, providing them with a one to one carol service.
Clarence Park chef kindly provided the children with mince pies and fruit smoothies.

Bournville School pupils meeting the residents Bournville School Pupils singing carols to residents Activities Coordinator, Pauline, dancing with residents whilst pupils sing carols Clarence Park resident meeting & holding a toddler

Remembrance Sunday

Residents participated in the art and crafts activity with creative minds; making their very own poppy memorial, while listening to old war time songs. They enjoyed a sing along and discussing their memories of the war and their contributions towards the war.

Remembrance Sunday was spent watching the parade followed by the movie, ‘War Horse.’

Clarence Park's window display of their home made poppy art and poppy wreath Resident with their homemade poppy memorial wreath Resident with their homemade poppy memorial wreath Residents making Poppy art with Creative Minds Residents making Poppy art with Creative Minds Residents making Poppy art with Creative Minds Residents making Poppy art with Creative Minds Resident making Poppy art

July 2017

Clarence Park residents wanted to support and celebrate the Wimbledon final. Therefore they decorated the lounge together, a chocolate fountain and non alcohol sparkling drinks set out to toast the winners. Residents talked about previous tennis champions, and also did a gentle exercise using a ballon and foam tennis rackets.

Non alcoholic sparkling drinks and chocolate fountain set out in the lounge Resident enjoying chocolate covered strawberry Resident enjoying chocolate covered strawberry while watching the wimbledon final

Susannah Cook, an artist from Creative Minds came to Clarence Park. Creative minds is a community of passionate artists that deliver fun and therapeutic Art activities to care homes, learning disabilities and other venues.

Susannah brought boxes of coloured pastels and the residents each coloured in their own butterfly picture. Susannah worked with the residents to bring out their creativity, by using different techniques and adding details to their art…

Susannah working with the residents on their butterfly pastel art Susannah working with a resident on her butterfly pastel art Resident colouring in her butterfly artwork Pauline, activities coordinator helping resident with her butterfly artwork Residents colouring in their butterflies Resident colouring in her butterfly artwork Resident colouring in her butterfly artwork

The residents made their own play dough for flower arranging, instead of using oasis. The activity promotes fine motor skills, and also got some residents reminiscing about when they made it with there own children.

resident making home made play dough resident making home made play dough Resident flower arranging with home made playdough Resident flower arranging

Pat Dunn, resident, won bingo this week. Bingo is a great activity for maths and remembering numbers and number forms…

Resident playing bingo Resident with care assistant playing bingo Resident playing bingo

April 2017

Rotary Club‘s annual Easter party. Held at St Paul’s Church Hall; A splendid buffet of sandwiches, cakes and sherry for all the attendees. While enjoying some balloon magic, live music and dancing.

Everyone had a lovely time, leaving with a smile and an Easter Egg.

Teresa, Home manager, with resident at Rotary Club Party Ron, activities, with resident Clarence Park resident with the mayor & mayoress of Weston Super Mare A balloon artist handing a balloon dog to a resident resident with a balloon flower resident holding a balloon dog Anita, activities coordinator, with a resident Resident holding a balloon animal

The residents & visitors enjoyed an animal therapy session with Eco Animal Encounters. An array of reptiles, including a tarantula and a snake visited Clarence Park!  And residents were very brave to touch and hold them.

Most of all It made a good talking point for the days to follow…

Anita holding a tarantula child holding a tarantula children sat petting a tortoise holding a leaf insect resident holding a large frog resident holding a snake Resident petting a bearded dragon Resident petting a bearded dragon resident petting a tortoise resident stroking a tortoise