Lofty Therapy Horses spread joy in Aspen Court

Lofty Therapy Horses are a team of 3 American Miniature Horses; named Lofty, Star, and Elmo. Visiting different care settings, because it is proven to be very beneficial for both patients and staff.

Owner, April Kibby, introduce six year old, Lofty the 34″ tall American miniature horse, to Aspen Court Residents. While wearing his tailor-made converse trainers, Lofty spreads delight and smiles to everyone he meets.

Wendy Davey, Activities Coordinator, said;

Lofty’s visit proved popular among all our residents and staff he met. The positivity and interactions he got is wonderful.  Especially relevant, Lofty prompts memories, conversation and leaves a lasting impression on all of us!

dressed up lofty with owner April, ready to meet everyone at Aspen Court Aspen Court resident meeting Lofty the miniature horse from Lofty Therapy Horses Lofty's tailor made Converse trainers Aspen Court resident meeting Lofty the miniature horse