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Little Pips

Immacolata House and Curry Rivel primary school are going to be working together over the summer holidays from the 25/07/17 – 29/08/17.
Residents are going to be going to Curry Rivel primary school every Tuesday for a hour and taking part in activities with Little Pips, who are preschool children.
Therefore this is a new link for Immacolata House and Curry Rivel preschool to allow residents and preschool children to interact together.

Previously, Curry Rivel primary school children in year 5 have been working with residents to find out their life story. This was with the Archie Project which has been really successful with residents and children forming a bond together. Therefore, Immacolata House are very exited to see how the younger children, who are between the ages of 2-4 years interact with the residents.

Gardening Club

Curry Rivel Primary school and residents have been working together during gardening club, that takes place once a month. Residents and the school children planted vegetables, herbs and seeds.

As a result, their first vegetables which they have grown in the garden were ready to be picked (15th June 2017), which consequently was chard.
Elaine, Chef, picked and cooked the chard which the residents enjoyed with their supper.

Archie Project

Over a number of weeks, Curry Rivel school children in year 5 and some of their residents have been working together to complete a life story book. Therefore each resident was paired with a child and given a life story book to complete. The life story books cover topics such as; Family, Food and drink, Working life and Music.

Residents went to Curry Rivel Primary school to be presented with their finished Life Story Books (9th June 2017). Finally the children who were working with each resident took it in turns to present their books and gave the residents flowers.

Residents with Curry Rivel pupils and their Life Story books Resident with Curry Rivel pupil presenting her Life Story book and flowers Resident with Curry Rivel pupil presenting his Life Story book and flowers Curry Rivel pupils with an Immacolata house resident

Kelways Inn

Residents went out to Kelways Inn in Langport for lunch (6th June 2017). The first Tuesday of every month Kelways offer carers to bring residents for lunch and the carers go free.

“Residents really enjoyed the social interaction with staff at Kelways and other people who were at the pub.” [Immacolata House Activities Team]

Staff and residents at Kelways Pub Staff and residents at Kelways Pub Staff and residents at Kelways Pub

Magical Memories

Magical Memories came to Immacolata House to provide musical entertainment (5th June 2017). Their entertainment consists of two singers, husband and wife. Most of all residents loved using musical instruments to interact with the singers.

Magical Memories entertaining residents Magical Memories entertaining residents

Arts & Crafts

Residents enjoyed an afternoon of colouring in (2nd June 2017). ‘Outdoors’ was the theme and they worked in a small group, all helping each other to colour their pictures.

Resident and relative colouring in Resident colouring in Resident colouring in