Immacolata House residents and loved ones make a ‘flying’ visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum…

Some of the residents and their loved ones had a brilliant day out at the Fleet Air Arm Museum. The museum in Ilchester, includes four exhibition halls, over 90 aircraft and is Europe’s largest Navy Aviation museum.

One resident was in the Paratroopers and some of the planes were from around the same time as he served. Therefore this brought back some memories.
Immacolata House arrived at 11:30am, spent some time looking around the museum at the various Navel helicopters. Then saw the Concord and experienced what it was like to be on a landing pad of an air craft carrier!
They managed to spend a good amount of time on the viewing platform and were lucky enough to see Lynx and Wildcat Helicopters land and take off. In which this really made the residents smile!

At 1.30pm, they settled in the cafe for a cup of tea and some lunch before heading back to Immacolata House!

Helicopters at the Fleet Air Arm Museum royal navy fleet air arm badge Resident looking at old Royal Navy Motorcycle Resident in front of a vintage airplane Resident and loved one walking through the museum watching Lynx and Wildcat Helicopters land and take off