Santa’s Cheeky Christmas Elf returns to The Limes Unit…

The Limes Unit have their cheeky Christmas Elf back living with them throughout December! Since his return, he has already been causing chaos around the home.

He has been eating from the chocolate spread and peanut butter jars! Then sliding down the banister and down the stairs on toilet roll!

Elf recently decided to take part in his own show ‘I’m an elf get me out of here!’ He took part in two bush tucker trials, involving the Limes’s pet Bearded dragons!

When it was time to put up the Christmas Decorations up, Elf thought he would help, but instead he got himself in a right tangle. And then he thought it would be funny to dress as Santa and ride the Rudolph decoration!

Uh oh! Elf has taken it too far this time and has been arrested on suspicion of eating all the chocolates!

See the photos below of the chaos he is causing, and keep popping back to see updates on his antics…


cheeky christmas elf-eating-all-the-chocolate-spread christmas-elf-pulling-another-christmas-elf-out-of-the-peanut-butter-jar elf-head-first-in-the-peanut-butter-jar elf-sliding-down-the-bannister elf-sliding-down-the-stairs-on-toilet-rollElf in a plastic box with a bearded dragon lying on his head elf hanging upside down in the bearded dragon cageElf getting in a mess with christmas decorationsElf dressed as Santa whilst riding a Rudolph decorationElf stealing and eating all the chocolatesElf being put in handcuffs