The Limes unit had an exciting afternoon holding a Vintage Afternoon Tea Party

Residents, staff, family and friends from Cedar Lodge were invited to join them for their Vintage Afternoon tea party in the conservatory dining room.

The tables were dressed with white linen tablecloths and beautiful Vintage china, hired from LULU’s Vintage China

Everyone was treated with fresh sandwiches and mini cakes, in addition festive mince pies, arranged on Vintage china cake stands.

During the afternoon, 60s music played in the background, which prompted residents and family members to share some treasured memories.


Dorothy Radford, Deputy Manager at The Limes Unit commented: “Great food, great company, great atmosphere.”

“The thanks we received from Cedar Lodge residents was so special!”

Some comments made by the residents;

“I can’t remember the last time I had a nice cup of tea, in a china cup, it makes all the difference!”

“Special beyond words, this brought a tear to my eye! Which is not easily done!”


one-of-the-tables-laid-with-vintage-china-crockery-and-fresh-sandwiches-and-mini-cakes residents-sat-down-ready-to-enjoy-the-vintage-afternoon-tea-party the-limes-unit-enjoying-their-vintage-tea-party the-limes-unit-ready-to-enjoy-their-vintage-tea-party