Immacolata House begins the Jack Project…


Immacolata House have been following the Archie Project; an exciting, inter-generational dementia awareness community project. They are in their second year with the children from Curry Rivel School. This year it is called The Jack Project

Curry Rivel school pupils came to Immacolata House to enjoy a morning tea. They came along with two of their teachers and Primrose from Reminiscence Learning.
Immacolata House provided some arts and crafts for the children to get creative (some of the children made cards for the residents) and the kitchen made some fresh buns, which they all loved.

There were about 15 children and they all interacted with the residents upstairs and downstairs. Due to the weather they couldn’t go out to our animals, but that didn’t dampen their enthusiasm or their lovely sense of fun.

Some of the residents had a lovely long chat with them, some got quite emotional, others shared cake and overall there were lots of smiles, and a joyful morning.


curry rival pupil sat with resident reading a card the pupil had made during the jack project curry-rival-pupils-chatting-with-a-resident-and-showing-her-what-they-have-made-from-the-arts-and-craft-table curry-rival-pupils-enjoying-their-rolls-and-cupcakes curry-rival-pupils-giving-a-resident-a-cupcake-and-chatting-with-her curry-rival-pupils-making-something-from-the-arts-and-craft-table curry-rival-pupils-with-their-paper-airplanes-chatting-to-a-resident curry-rival-school-pupil-meeting-a-resident-at-immacolata-house curry-rival-school-pupils-around-the-arts-and-crafts-table-and-enjoying-their-rolls-and-cupcakes resident-and-teacher-enjoying-swirling-a-colourful-ribbon-on-a-stick two-pupils-from-curry-rival-school-talking-with-a-resident