The sun was shining on Immacolata House’s Summer Fete….

Immacolata House, Langport, held their summer fete on Saturday 13th August and it was a big success!  People of all ages attended and the sun shone throughout the afternoon, making the fete extra special.

Various stalls were available including bric-a-brac, hook a duck, ten pence game, coconut shy, tombola, cake stall, ice cream, refreshments, raffles and The Langport Flower Club’s outdoor Flower Festival.

Relatives and staff were there to help out and everyone took part and got involved.

“We would like to give special thanks to the following people who helped us and without their help, we would not have been able to run the fete” Susan Stephens, Home Manager & Melissa Holden, Administrative Assistant:-

Maureen and David Blurton (volunteers) who ran the refreshment stall
Julie Fussell (niece of a resident) who contributed so much to the fete and did not want paying back for all the items she generously donated e.g. hook a duck, including all prizes.
Trevor Leavold (husband of a resident) who helped put the gazebos up and ran the ten pence game.
Doug Alden (husband of a resident) who sought some much needed coconuts and ran the hook a duck stall.
Sam Vandenburgh (husband of resident) who donated lots of items for our bric-a-brac and tombola and ran the Tombola stall.
Yvonne Rowlands (wife of resident) who ran a stall and donated dolls for a raffle.
Chris West (husband of resident) who ran the coconut shy
Geoff and Carol Wilson (whose mother lives at Immacolata House) ran the Bric a Brac

Jane Birrell (daughter of resident) provided us with an urn for the provision of hot drinks and helped us move the fete into the home when it poured with rain.

Lyn Lawrence (daughter of resident) ran the book stall

Tom Solt, a friend of Sue Stephen’s cooked the hotdogs and burgers.

Langport Flower Club and staff who worked so hard making the beautiful ‘art in the garden’

All together the Summer fete raised £1011.90 to go towards Resident’s activities.
The raffle winners are:-

1st prize (TV) – Mr Tony Paul, son of one of our residents

2nd prize (Go Tab) – Mr David Blurton (one of our volunteers who ran the tea/coffee stand)

3rd prize (Champagne) – Mrs Janet Smith, wife of a resident

Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who came along and got involved.

Katie playing the coconut shy Music band playing at the summer fete Rolo the Melanistic Barn OwlSharandys Birds of Prey handler with Rolo the Melanistic Barn Owl visitors browsing the bric-a-brac stalls at the summer fete visitors enjoying the summer fete at Immacolata Housevisitors playing the ten pence game