Tackling dementia with farm animals…

On Friday, Channel 4 news aired an article regarding farm animals and the effects they have on people living with Dementia.

Please click the link to watch the News story – www.youtube.com 

We couldn’t help but jump on this article and shout about the fabulous farms we have at two of our Dementia Nursing Homes; La Fontana Dementia Nursing Home in Martock and Immacolata House Dementia Nursing Home in Langport.

We have known for a while just how wonderful animals can make people living with Dementia feel.  Animals do not judge and make good friendly companions, often they just wish to be petted and of course most are very cute.

Having the farms within the grounds of the Dementia homes, means our residents can get to enjoy the animals daily, should they wish. 

Some of our residents actually help out in the farm and assist our farms hands to feed the animals and clean their enclosures.

It’s a massive hit for the younger visitors to the home too. Children are often enchanted by animals, and in our farms they can get up close to ducks, rabbits, gerbils, chickens, birds and alpacas, which is something they may not do every day.

We’ve stepped outside the box too by also having animals, that whilst can’t be petted, but bring about curiosity and intrigue.  These animals and insects include; snakes, a pink toed tarantula, stick insects and large snails.

It’s fantastic watching and interacting with our residents and our animals, it brings immense pleasure to everyone.

Casa Di Lusso, our new Dementia Nursing Home in Bridgwater, Somerset will also feature an area for animals.  

Interested to know more, contact our marketing team on 01934 422 822 or contact the homes directly, or visit www.notarohomes.co.uk/our-care-homes/

Cria & alpacas Inside fattoria Benvenuto Fattoria La Fontana Barn inside La Fontana Barn head_image_2 zoo-3 zoo-2 zoo-1