The Olive Tree Theatre perform ‘Jingle all the way’ to residents at Clarence Park Care Home…

Olive Tree Theatre was created from a personal experience; One of the Directors of Olive Tree had a Grandmother who lived with Alzheimers. In the late stages of her condition, she became unresponsive to speech and movement. However, when she listened to music something would stir and she would smile and open her eyes. It was clear that hearing music stimulated a sense of interest, enjoyment and peace. Olive Tree Theatre develop their hour long shows with this in mind and perform them in Care Homes.

Their shows involve;
Sing-alongs; choosing songs that are most familiar to their audience.
Playing along; providing small instruments such as hand bells and maracas for residents to join in.
Dance along; inviting the residents to dance with them during the show.

All the residents including staff at Clarence Park thoroughly enjoyed the show!…

Anita with two residents playing the hand bells Pantomine character dancing with Trevor Pantomine character singing and playcing maracas with resident Pantomine performer singing and playing hand bells with a resident Pantomine performer singing to a resident residents and staff singing along and enjoying the Pantomine residents clapping and playing hand bells along with the Pantomine singing and dancing with Jane, resident at Clarence Park singing with a resident at Clarence Park The Olive Tree Theatre pantomine sign The Olive Tree Theatre performing their pantomine