Ever wondered what you could do with empty Jaffa Cake tubes?…………….


Well the residents and staff at Stuart House have come up with such a great idea; a tree shape advent calendar!

Staff and residents attached the Jaffa cake tubes together to create a tree shaped structure, they then painted the outside of the tubes and stuck real leaves, that were collected from their garden, to make it look even more like a tree.

Stickers numbered from 1 to 25 were stuck on the lids of each Jaffa cake tube and treats were divided into poly pockets ready to pop inside, so that each resident can enjoy a little sweet treat each day in December for the run up to Christmas day!

Last but not least a silver star was made to stick on top of their home made advert calendar!


painting and sticking leaves on the advent calendarresident mixing the paint for the advent calendarstaff and resident sticking leaves on the advent calendarThe christmas tree shaped advent calendar made of Jaffa cake tubessticking leaves on the homemade advent calendarthe completed advent calendar made from Jaffa cake tubesthe finished advent calendar made from Jaffa cake tubesclose up of the advent calendar complete with treats inside