News update from Cedar Lodge Care Home during this October…


On the Second of October, Cedar Lodge held a Harvest Festival Communion service for people – by thanksgiving followed by a holy communion.

The Harvest Festival is a yearly celebration that happens during the time of harvest. It is celebrated by singing hymns, praying and displaying baskets full of food drawn from the crops.

Pictured are residents and Rosemary Polfrey from St Andrews Church Taunton.

Harvest Festival communion


Also this month, Jenny Deputy Manager and Glenda Activities coordinator have been heading up a knitting project to knit Archie’s for Cedar Lodge.

Archie is a colourful scarecrow with Dementia, he has been created to dismiss the stigma associated with the disease.

Jenny and Glenda have been busy knitting in their own time along with members of the community to help raise the profile of the Archie community project. Jenny gave a fabulous rendition of Archie’s story at The Crown in Fivehead skittle team meeting where more Archie’s were presented to Cedar Lodge.

archie knitting - news update