The Limes Unit creates another wonderful mixed media art piece


Since our last update from the Limes Unit, they have continued their artistic flair and created an imaginative mixed media art piece!
They decided to use lot’s of coloured jelly beans to bring to life their parrot design.
The outline of the parrot was first drawn onto the board and then each individual jelly bean was glued on, following particular colours and patterns to really show the details of the colourful bird. The background of the parrot was then painted blue to really give an effect of the bird flying in the sky.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed making this original mixed media art piece, if not a little too much! ‘We must of all gained a few pounds doing this one’ [Dorothy, Unit Manager]

Well Done everyone, another wonderful art piece to admire, we look forward to seeing more.

Dorothy and resident glueing the jelly beans on to their artwork Dorothy and resident painting the background of their art Dorothy, unit manager, with resident eating the artwork Jelly bean parrot artwork The finsihed jelly bean parrot art, hung on the wall