Cedar Lodge holds a onesie fundraiser to raise money towards ‘Archie’ activities with Wellsprings School


Yesterday morning a onesie fundraiser was held at Cedar Lodge in aid of the Archie Project; The Archie Project is a dementia awareness project that links schools and care homes and people with dementia together within their community. Cedar Lodge have been linked with Wellsprings school and have joined together in two events so far – See our previous stories on our News page.

Staff at Cedar Lodge came to work in their onesies/pyjamas to raise funds for the Archie project, raising dementia awareness- shedding light and prompting conversation.

They raised a wonderful £40 to go towards activities with Wellsprings School.

Onesie fundraiser - Cedar Lodge staff posing in their onesies and pyjamas for the Archie Project residents posing with Cedar Lodge staff in their onesies at onesie fundraiser for Archie Project