Cedar Lodge joins Wellsprings school for an Archie Project assembly…

This morning, eight of our Cedar Lodge residents together with staff, walked over to Wellsprings School to join in on the Archie Project assembly, hosted by Fiona Mahoney, Chief executive of Reminiscence Learning.

Fiona kicked the assembly off by explaining more about the Archie Project and his positive story. She introduced her mascot of Archie to everyone and explained that he is wearing red and yellow; because these are the last two colours we can see when we get older.

The audience call out for Archie’s friends and in came two lovely volunteers from Wellsprings School, not quite dressed as scarecrows. So the audience split into 2 groups and those groups shout out what they want their scarecrow to dress like. Once the scarecrows were appropriately dressed, they were named ‘Tickles’ and ‘Scarecrow Scarecrow’ by two of the children. The audience were delighted to hear that they too would have the opportunity during the project; to dress up as Archie and a rosette will be given to the best dressed Archie!

The assembly was concluded with our Cedar Lodge residents having the opportunity to give out Archie stickers to the children, allowing them to talk and bond.

See the photos below of the fun and energetic assembly…

An elderly resident choosing her favourite Scarecrow archie project assembly at Wellsprings School archie project assembly helping dress the scarecrow volunteers Archie's scarecrow friend being dressed dressing Archie's scarecrow friends elderly resident from Cedar Lodge presenting a pupil from Wellsprings with an Archie sticker elderly resident from Cedar Lodge presenting a pupils with an Archie sticker Fiona Mahoney presenting resident with an archie sticker Fiona Mahoney with Archie Fiona Mahoney with Archie's friends pupil presenting Cedar Lodge resident with an archie sticker resident presenting pupils from Wellsprings school with archie stickers resident smiling with a Wellsprings pupil Tickles and Scarecrow dressed for the farm Wellsprings school pupil posing with Archie mascot Wellsprings School pupils having a picture with a Cedar Lodge resident holding Archie