Our Dementia Care Home, Cedar Lodge, has created a ‘time warp’

Residents and ‘Friends of Cedar Lodge’ have worked hard to create a ‘time warp’ flavoured towards 1930’s/1940’s.

The area at Cedar Lodge has been designed to create a relaxing, usable and familiar environment for people to enjoy daily, coupled with the added reminiscence factor; of 30s/40s style furniture, a Decca Television, His Master’s Voice HMV Grammaphone, wireless vintage radio, flying ducks on the walls and many more nostalgic items.

The time warp does not just stay in one area of the home however, more reminiscent items have spread to the courtyard, from an early motorised bicycle to an old letterbox.

The items are hoped to encourage the residents to socialise, by remembering their past and evoking happy memories; from sitting on the furniture, browsing the magazines and drinking tea from the vintage china.

Manager, Matthew Parish, said “Residents, families and guests warmed instantly to the theme and familiarity and are seen to be soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying traditional tea and cake! Yum!”


Reminiscent area in Cedar Lodge Vintage clock on the wall in the courtyard Vintage Letter Box Vintage Milk Churn vintage motorised bicycle and laundry mangle Vintage tea and cake Vintage wireles radio