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Cedar Lodge enjoyed a spooky Halloween Party. Residents and staff decorated the home in creepy cobwebs, spiders, pumpkins and eerie characters. They all dressed to scare and had fun decorating desserts with jelly worms made from straws.


A feathered Guest

A beautiful Owl visited the home, from Sharandys Birds of Prey. Sharandys is a small privately run Birds of Prey centre, set up by Sharon Bailey in 2007. The centre has 19 birds, from owls to hawks, falcons and eagles. They run ‘hands on’ courses, one to one experience days, public displays, educational visits and care home visits.

The owl was shown around to the residents, they were able to stroke and hold it. The Owl even flew around the conservatory in front of everyone.


New Shop window

The trip down memory lane in cedar lodge has opened a new shop. It’s filled with products from ‘days gone by’ such as washing powder, Kellogg’s cereal, oats, marmite, chocolate and more.

These windows filled with nostalgic products allow for the residents to reminisce, provoking memories and sparking conversation.

A study in 2009 revealed that sharing reminiscences improved memories by an average of 12%.


New shop window on memory lane, Cedar Lodge Care Home resident stroking the Owl from Sharandys Residents and Staff dressed for Halloween Party