Benvenuto Fattoria at Immacolata house welcomed another new arrival to the alpaca family yesterday


A beautiful black and white female cria was born yesterday morning at Benvenuto Fattoria. She is one of four new babies to arrive since May, adding to the ever growing family of Alpacas.

There is speculation that there may be more to come, however it is very difficult to say as Alpaca’s pregnancies are well hidden due to them being prey; they do not show their ‘weaknesses’ to possible predators. In fact, alpacas will run, right up until they give birth, unlike other animals that can hardly walk and waddle.

We would love to hear your suggestions of names for her, go to our facebook page and/or Twitter page and make a suggestion.

See the pictures of the new baby girl with her winter coat on below;

New arrival at Benvenuto Fattoria baby alpaca with her winter coat on at Immacolata House Close up of the baby alpaca Baby Alpaca at Immacolata House