Cedar Lodge residents are going on an armchair travel to Australia


Yesterday, residents at Cedar Lodge got busy creating makes for their armchair travel, which will be departing this afternoon. They made cardboard boomerangs, stringed corks onto hats, baked Anzac biscuits and more.

At 2.30pm today, the residents will be boarding a Qantas airline flight to Australia, departing from their very own dining room. Sitting in their chairs laid out like an aeroplane, wearing their cork hats, they will be flown through facts about Australia. Glenda, Activities coordinator, will show pictures and talk about Australian and Aboriginal culture. The residents will get to try out their cardboard boomerangs, eat Anzac biscuits and try the very unusual ‘Fairy Bread’, popular at children’s parties in Australia and New Zealand, it is quite simply bread spread with butter and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.

And of course there will be a didgeridoo; a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia around 1,500 years ago. The residents will be giving it a go to make music.

We wish them Bon Voyage!

The residents have returned from their trip to Australia – see the photos below-

boomerangs the residents made fairy bread Glenda talking about Australia home made anzac biscuits objects representing Australian culture Resident wearing her cork hat with the didgeridoo wearing cork hats with the didgeridoo