Cedar Lodge Residential Dementia Home in Taunton has been reaccredited with the prestigious Gold Standards Framework (GSF) Care Home Quality Hallmark Award and with Commended Status. Cedar Lodge was first awarded the status in 2011 with accreditation. In line with the rules of the framework all homes have to be reaccredited every three years and we are extremely proud and delighted that Matthew Parrish and his team have not only been reaccredited but with the higher status of ‘Commended’.

In a letter to Matthew from Maggie Stobbart-Rowlands, Lead Nurse and Programme Manager and Lucy Giles, Deputy Lead Nurse, confirming there achievement, they wrote:

We are delighted to inform you that you have successfully passed the GSF Care Homes Re Accreditation Assessment Round 6 /7 2014, and have been awarded the Quality Hallmark Award at COMMEND status. We would like to congratulate you and the staff on your success, and thank you for all the hard work you have put into continuing to sustain this work.

As part of this growing community of care homes who have not only continued to demonstrate excellence in care, but also significant developments, with your permission and full acknowledgment we would like to use some of your work as showcased examples of best practice to encourage and inspire others.

The framework was developed by Dr Keri Thomas who is based at the John Taylor Hospice in Birmingham. It helps clinicians and care providers identify people in the last years of life, assess their needs, symptoms and preferences and plan care on that basis, enabling patients to live and die where they choose.

GSF at Cedar Lodge is a systematic common-sense approach to formalising best practice, so that quality care and end of life care becomes standard for every service user living there. It embodies an approach that centres on the needs of people and their families and encourages inter-professional teams to work together. GSF can help coordinate better care provided by generalists across different settings.

GSF at Cedar Lodge has enabled:

  • Consistent high quality care
  • Pre-planning and anticipation of needs
  • Improved staff confidence and teamwork
  • More home based and less hospital based care
  • Increased depth of knowledge in holistic approaches