SPARKLE! The name was suggested by both, Anita Wingrove (activities coordinator at Clarence Park) and Elaine Lock (staff member at Immacolata House).

There were 56 names suggested in total and they were put in a bucket, for one of our residents at Immacolata House, Betty Pither, to pick; see Betty pictured with the chosen name and with Joanie Weddell (activities), Debra Stringer (manager), Des Marley (groundsman) and baby Sparkle.

But how could we forget our 2 new baby, black and silver, chinchillas? Betty picked from the remaining suggested names and our black chinchilla is now called Black Pearl and the silver is Bonnie. See them pictured below with Joanie, Betty and Debra.

Thank you to all that suggested names, we think they are perfect. Let us know what you think, by commenting on our facebook – or twitter page – @notarocare.

Alpaca namename the alpaca name the chinchillas