Judith Hutchinson, Helen Hutchinson, Mary Packer – three sisters with varying levels of sporting prowess – have ran the Edinburgh marathon along with Mary’s husband James. The Edinburgh Marathon is a Flat & Fast course and was voted the fastest marathon in the UK by Runners World in 2008.

They ran in memory, celebration and in honour of their grandmother Daphne Robinson. Daphne moved to Cedar Lodge in September2009. In September 2013 Daphne passed away after many years of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, after she, herself cared for their grandfather who had vascular dementia.

“She was a remarkable woman with a fierce sense of justice and morality. She was a firm believer in charity, and helped to set up the first charity shop in Northern Ireland, in aid of War on Want. She protested against the death penalty, was a staunch pacifist, and was a vegetarian before it was cool. She also made delicious chocolate loaf cake and used to feed us grapes while pretending to be a bird.”

Daphne was also a talented artist and pianist. Spent most of her life in Belfast but moved to Somerset when her husband retired from his work as a BBC journalist. He developed vascular dementia in old age and she cared for him until his death. Then she unfortunately developed Alzheimer’s disease. They had two daughters and six grandchildren

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurological disease affecting around 496,000 people in the UK. It is caused by proteins which develop in the brain, which cause brain cells to die. This can lead to confusion, hallucinations and memory loss, as well as difficulty with everyday tasks which eventually means the sufferer will not be able to care for themselves. It is not a dignified disease, and while there is treatment available, there is currently no cure.

Jude, Helen, Mary and James raised an inspirational £5576 (inc Cedar Lodge’s donation amounting to £1250) for Alzheimer’s Society.

A big Congratulations to them from all at Notaro Homes Ltd.

Below is a photo capturing the moment Daphne met her great grandchild.