Notaro Care homes have taken part in the national Tea Party event as part of Nutrition and Hydration Week, a global movement that will reinforce and focus energy, activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration in health and social care settings.

Our residents in our ARBD home, Campania, enjoyed a selection of exotic fruits, such as Kumquats, passion fruit and mango, along with a variety of herbal fruit teas. They enjoyed reading about the fruit’s origins and their benefits and took part in a quiz about nutrition. Serenita invited friends and family to come along and enjoy their tea party.

Clarence Park provided yogurt based fruit smoothies, a selection of exotic fruits, healthy snack bars and dried fruit, such as banana and apricot. This recalled a lovely memory for one of our Clarence park residents, Peter, “I was born in India, so we had lots of fresh local fruit available. I would climb trees, sit on the branch and pick and eat fresh apricots.”

Everyone really enjoyed trying new flavours and learning about healthy nutrition; click the photos of our event.

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